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Dutch Market research translation

When translating your market research material into Dutch, we focus on making sure your research results will be reliable, representative and accurate. Media Lingo specializes in translating market research materials across all media. We work with market research professionals who have years of experience translating for the audience you intend to reach.

Don't let the results get lost in translation...

To make sure the results do not get lost in translation it is vital to choose a Dutch translation partner with market research expertise. If you are developing a new product or looking to enter into the Dutch market, contact us to discuss your project and your requirements. Give us a call on +31 (0)23 - 2024 723 or email

Why Market Research translation is a unique skill

The challenge when translating market research materials is that the translator needs to stick to the source text very closely, unlike with most other translation disciplines where translators can view the text as a whole and re-write paragraphs where needed. When translating questionnaires, for example, each individual question and each answer needs to communicate the exact same meaning and value in the Dutch language version in order for the results to carry the same meaning. After all, the results will need to be measured against the same criteria in each language.

Market Research Translation - Workflow

It takes an experienced and culturally sensitive translator with a marketing or research background to render the piece of research material successfully, and in a way that engages the participant at the same time. Our market research translators have to meet strict selection criteria before they are admitted to our team. Apart from our general selection criteria – native speakers only, with a translation qualification and several years translation experience – our market research translators also need to have worked in marketing or research. Our market research translations are checked by an equally qualified linguis and double checked by the Project Manager.

We will discuss with you exactly which materials will need to be translated in what order and format. We need to know which results will need to be translated back into the original language for analysis, and will ask for clarification if anything in your documents is unclear.

Why trust Media Lingo with your market research translations?

  • We work with highly qualified translators with a background in market research
  • We can handle large volumes at short notice
  • We work with state of the art software applications which allow us to work with virtually any file format.