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Dutch First Draft Translation

A first draft translation is a translation that has not been proofread by a second linguist. In some cases, it's perfectly acceptable to use such a translation, for example if your documents are only used internally. If you're looking for a cheaper and quicker service to translate your minutes, notes, announcements, emails and other correspondence, this service is for you.

This type of translation is carried out by fully qualified and experienced translators. The only difference with our other translation services is that the translated material is not proofread. This means that although you will receive a perfectly usable document, there may be minor spelling mistakes or some sentences might not flow as well as they should as they have not been edited.

Cost & Turnaround

This service is about 20% - 30% cheaper than our other translation services and the turn around time is normally within 24 hours on request.  If you would like a detailed quote for the Dutch translation your internal documents, please call us on +31 (0)23 - 2024 723 or email