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Dutch SEO

Multilingual SEO

Media Lingo offers a number of SEO services that can be used individually or as a packaged service. The most efficient and effective way to localize your SEO-strategy is to have it done at the same time as the translation of your website. This way we will only need to carry out a keyword research once and use these keywords both in your website content and the other parts of your SEO-strategy.

Dutch Keyword Research

Some clients choose to have their existing list of keywords translated into Dutch. The problem with this method is that the Dutch audience might not actually search on those words. It is therefore best to carry out a separate keyword research for the Dutch market, using your existing keywords as a guide.

We will put together a list of words with their back-translation, estimated search volume and estimated cost-per-click based on Google Adwords. You are then able to read through the list and select the keywords you would like us to focus on in your Dutch SEO campaign.

Metadata optimizing

Using the keywords identified in the research stage, we will write descriptions for your webpages, keyword strings and page titles for each page.

PPC campaigns

Media Lingo can localize your PPC-campaigns using the keywords identified during our research, or the keywords you have selected. We’ll make sure the ads tie in perfectly with the landing pages and generate the best results possible results in terms of traffic volume, Click through rate, Cost per click, bounce rate, conversion and Pages per visit.

Dutch translation of blog posts and articles

In order to drive traffic to your Dutch website, it’s vital to have high-quality inbound links from trusted websites within the Dutch market. One of the best ways to do this is to have your articles translated into Dutch and submitted to directories and press release companies in the Netherlands. We can translate or re-write your blog posts and articles, and submit these to relevant websites and directories for you.

As with all our translations, we will flag and adapt any content that isn’t relevant or appropriate in the Dutch market, and offer alternatives where necessary. For example, when we translated a travel website into Dutch, we found a number of references to the British market such as a list of British airports from where tourists could fly, information on diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom and so on. We adapted the content for the Dutch market, making the content highly relevant and engaging for all readers. (Read more about our website localization services).