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Dutch Software Localization

Media Lingo specializes in Dutch software localization across all media platforms. Whether you need a complex web-based software tool translated and tested, your Facebook application localized or a technical software manual translated into Dutch in a short space of time, we can help.

Expert Software Localization

Media Lingo can handle your Dutch software translation and localization. We work with a team of dedicated freelancers who specialize in Dutch software localization and have years of experience in your industry. Our Software Localization service entails:

  • Evaluation of your project and planning of activities
  • Translation of user interface
  • Localization of installer and supporting documents
  • Localization of user experience
  • Translation of Help-system
  • Adaptation of graphics
  • Translation and typesetting of documentation
  • Multilingual testing

Localization Workflow

We will normally arrange a meeting with you in order to agree on the most effective workflow. In most cases, we work with your source files and deliver these back in the same format for easy processing.

We work with an advanced Translation Memory tool, which store the strings from your software client. This tool automatically flags repeated phrases and protects programming code. This ensures that code stays intact and strings are translated consistently across your applications. What's more, repeated phrases are charged at half price.

To find out more what we can do for you, just give us a call on +31 (0)23 - 2024 723, or send us an email on