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Dutch Website Translation

You are probably aware that to sell to Dutch customers, you will need to speak their language. It is widely recognized that translating your website is by far the most cost effective way of increasing the client base for your e-commerce site or web application. So, if you're looking to enter into, or expand within the Dutch market, it makes sense to start with your website.

Media Lingo has years of experience translating websites into Dutch for a wide variety of businesses. Whether your website consists of 20 or 200,000 pages, we can offer a complete translation service. We translate in all programming languages and formats including HTML, XML, PHP, Java and JavaScript. We then deliver it back to you in the same format so all you need to do is upload the site.

Why choose Media Lingo for your Dutch translations

  • We work with qualified and experienced Dutch website translators who translate into their mother tongue only. All our Dutch translators are highly qualified and experienced, and we will select the person most suited to your project. We will never use automated translation.
  • We use what's called a Translation Memory-tool, which automatically finds and translates repeated phrases. Not only does this ensure consistent translations across your website, it can also reduce the word count of a project significantly, making the translation project faster and cheaper.
  • We support all programming languages and operating systems including HTML, XML, PHP, Java, JavaScript and ActionScript. Our state of the art software ensures that tags remain intact and only content and certain SEO-elements are translated.
  • Our service is flexible and affordable. Contact us to discuss your project or to receive a quote.

Integrated Dutch Localization service

Localization goes a step further than translation - it's about adapting your software or website to the needs and expectations of the Dutch audience. This is considered especially relevant for games providers and online retail businesses, though it is equally beneficial for service providers and any other businesses on the Web, as the adapted content can give your company the edge over the competition.

Factors we take into consideration when localizing your content for the Dutch market are:

  • Adaptation of graphics, for example where maps are used or images contain text
  • Use of local currencies and time
  • Formatting of date and time, addresses, phone numbers and postal codes
  • Choice of colors in line with cultural conventions and associations
  • Use of different business models
  • Lenght of text
  • Capitalization and other writing conventions
  • Names and titles
  • Weights and measures
  • Official numbers (such as those assigned by governments)
  • Decimals and use of comma's and periods in numbers
  • Search Engine Optimization

If you're looking to localize your website for the Dutch market, give us a call. We can both create and maintain multilingual websites. Whatever technologies you might be using, we'll find an efficient solution to incorporate the Dutch version and any additional languages into your design smoothly.

World-class Dutch website translation...

  • Your Dutch customers will spend more time and more money on your website.
  • The Dutch version of your website will read like it was originally written in Dutch.
  • We deliver your webpages in the format you require - saving you time and hassle.
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