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Dutch Subtitling

Media Lingo is the fastest growing provider of Dutch television subtitles in the UK having recently completed a number of films including Mila's Journey. This is because we work with highly experienced in-house project managers and native Dutch speaking experienced subtitlers and editors who work in the industry standard subtitling suite WinCAPS. Most of our translators and subtitlers are based in the target market they work for, and all of them have been selected for their outstanding linguistic skills and experience.

Thanks to this unique working method we are able to keep our overheads low whilst getting the best of both worlds in terms of quality and price. It also means we can handle projects of all sizes, from 4-minute films into just Dutch to feature films into several languages. Furthermore, we can deliver your subtitles quicker than any other company. It's a win-win situation, really.

Dutch Subtitling for Television

When subtitling for television, the subtitler needs to take into account a more heterogeneous audience than, for example, when subtitling for cinema or DVD. This means that the average reading speed is slightly lower, and for a program with a lot of speech the dialogue might need to be condensed even further than usual. One reason for this, is that people will generally not be as focussed as they would be in the cinema. Another factor to take into account is that people of all ages and abilities are likely to watch television. Additionally, viewers might not be able to rewind if they have not had enough time to read a subtitle, as they would do when watching a DVD.

It takes an experienced subtitler to be able to convey speech, scripted nuances and emotions into two lines of 37 characters. We work only with the most experienced and respected subtitling specialists and quality managers in the industry to ensure your subtitles are accurate, readable and as in-obtrusive as possible.

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