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Dutch Translation

Dutch Translation

Media Lingo specializes in translation from English into Dutch and vice versa. 

Our Dutch translations are carried out by experienced professionals with a translation qualification as well as in-depth knowledge of the subject matter of your document. Our translations are then edited and proofed by an equally qualified linguist. We only work with native Dutch speakers from the Netherlands or Belgium, depending on your target market.

Why translate your website into Dutch?

  • Dutch is spoken by 22 million people as their first language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, France and Germany.
  • The Dutch are four times more likely to buy online from a Dutch website.
  • Approximately 8 million Dutch people went on holiday abroad last year. The majority of these people booked their holiday online.
  • The Dutch e-commerce sector leads the Benelux with expected online retail sales of €12 billion this year. More than half of the population of the Netherlands buys their holidays, clothes and electronics via the Internet.

Localizing your strategy for the Dutch market

Our Dutch marketing translators are creative thinkers as well as experienced professionals in their field, giving you the perfect Dutch equivalent every time.

We place the product in the Dutch market using your marketing strategy and our linguistic expertise, ensuring the message comes across through your adverts, websites and graphic materials. As with all our translations, we will compile a glossary of the terms and phrases used in your marketing documents to ensure your Dutch communications use consistent terminology.

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