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Dutch Translation for Poker & Gaming

Translation Services for the Poker & Gaming industry

Online gaming is big business, and if you offer your site in different languages, it's even bigger. With our many years of experience translating web application and creative copy into Dutch and English, we can handle all your online games translations.

Games translations demand that extra something from a translator. Many applications incorporate creative dialogue as well as explanations of rules and controls, instructions, video subtitles, tutorials and terms and conditions. Our experienced games translators know what they're talking about.

Online trends change constantly - that's why Media Lingo works with gaming enthusiasts who know how to convey gaming strategy and gaming slang, making the online experience accessible to millions more people.

Reduced rates for repeated phrases

Our advanced Translation Memory tools ensure consistent translation of your product descriptions, sales advertising and business terms across your communications. This means that your multilingual campaign is of a consistently high quality, whether it's mostly web-based or a combination of print and web content.

Our advanced translation software ensures that HTML and XML documents are translated accurately and consistently without changing the tags. It automatically translates repeated phrases, which are charged at a reduced rate (approximately 50% for exact matches and 75% for 'fuzzy' matches).

We can deal with all aspects of your online games translation, including:

  • Subtitles
  • Creative copy
  • Gaming slang
  • Poker lingo
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Instructions
  • Newsletters.