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What’s your recruitment process for translators and subtitlers?

We receive a large number of CV's from translators every week. We review all of these and we ask those translators who meet our criteria to carry out a test translation. The test translation is assessed by one of our linguists and if it is of the required standard, we then keep the translator's details for work in his or her specialism. We always carefully match our verified translators against project needs, meaning your documents are translated by a translator who is both an expert linguist and has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

When selecting a translation team for your project, we may carry out a second round of testing using a sample from the documents you need translated. This is useful when working in a niche subject in order to select the most suitable translator. Of course this process may take a few days and might therefore not be possible depending on the timelines. We will discuss the options with you.

Looking for translation work?

When you send your CV, please ensure you include the following details:

  • Your language combination - please note we work with translators who translate Dutch into English and English into Dutch only
  • The services you offer (e.g. translation, subtitling etc.)
  • Your professional background
  • Any professional training you may have completed
  • Your specialisation fields
  • Your availability.

If you meet our criteria we may ask you to carry out a test translation. These samples are assessed by a professional proofreader.

Please note you will only be considered if you:

  • Are a native speaker of the target language - either English or Dutch
  • Have a professional background or considerable translation experience
  • Can provide proof of your qualifications and/or professional references

For more information on the translators we work with, please refer to How do you select translators for a project?.