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When is my translation project considered and charged as ‘urgent’?

Generally, translation projects are classed as 'urgent' if they need to be completed within 12 hours. Naturally, the volume translators can handle depends to an extent on the subject matter and language combination, as well as how much notice we are given. If you can let us know when you expect the translation beforehand (for example, if you let us know on Monday that you will send us an 8,000 word document on Thursday and need it back on Friday), we can book and brief the translators beforehand and the charge may be significantly lower.

If you have a longer document, we might be able to assign several translators part of the same text. Bear in mind that we also recommend having the completed translation proofread by an independant translator, which will need to happen once the source text has been translated and may add to timelines.

For more information please see how much your translation project will cost, or to request a quote just contact us.