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What are the stages of the subtitling process?

Subtitling is not as straightforward a process as it may seem, and the workflow depends on the media your footage is going to be used for. Generally, the process consists of the following stages:

  • Delivery of the footage via FTP.
  • 'Spotting' of the footage: We determine the in and out times of each title, divide the speech up in appropriate 'blocks' of two lines and compress where necessary. We check that the reading speed is consistent and appropriate and any online captions are translated. This subtitle file can be used as a 'master file' if the video is to be subtitled in both English and Dutch.
  • We burn the 'master file' onto the footage in a low-resolution video format so you can check you are happy with the subtitles and timings. If you require just one language, we can now export the subtitles for you and that completes the process.
  • If you require English and Dutch, the master file is exported and translated by our subtitling team.
  • Once translated, the titles are proofed by the editor.
  • Once received back from the editor, the titles are imported back into the subtitling software, formatting is finalized and the subtitles are exported in the required format.

YouTube video
YouTube accepts .SRT subtitle files, which we can export directly. You can then upload your video and the .SRT file to YouTube and the viewer can switch the subtitles on or off. There is no charge for this export.

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