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How do you select translators for a project?

We work with a fantastic team of expert translators. They are based all over the world and have professional backgrounds in a wide variety of specialised fields. The most important factors we take into account when selecting a translator for your project are:

  • Specialization: Many documents require translators with expert knowledge in the field. This is particularly true for medical, technical, legal and scientific translations.
  • Test translation: Translators are asked to complete a test translation before we assign work to them. We don't pre-screen all translators with a standard test before they enter the database, rather we select suitable candidates on a project by project basis and send them a relevant test translation about the subject matter.
  • Qualification: If a translator has a recognized translation qualification, that's great. However, we have experienced that not all qualified translators are necessarily better than those without qualifications. Therefore, translators who don't have a specific translation qualification might still be considered if they can provide references. We feel that if a translator does have a qualification, it shows commitment and dedication to the profession and we will take it into account, but it is not a pre-requisite for working with us.
  • Experience: We'll select a translator with relevant professional translation experience in the subject field of your document. We will ask the translator to provide references from the employers with whom this work was carried out.
  • Flexibility & reliability: We value translators who are willing to go the extra mile when necessary. We find it important to have a pleasant relationship with them and expect them to be flexible and reliable. Over the years we have established excellent, long-term relationships with some of the best English and Dutch translators to guarantee translations of a consistent high quality of work.