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Do you use Translation Memory tools?

Yes, we do. We work with the industry standard Trados. This tool allows us to build a so called 'Translation Memory' (TM), in which all previously translated 'strings' (either words, phrases or segments) are stored. While the translator works on a document, the software carries out a search for each string in the source text and suggests a translation from the translation memory database.
The translator can also see what the previously translated string was and where the source text deviates. An example is shown below. In this example, the previously translated string is a 92% match. The difference is highlighted in yellow.
The great thing about the software is that several translators can exchange and modify the translation memory, ensuring translation are consistent across documents. It also calculates the number of matches and we discount repeated phrases based on these matches. Furthermore, the software is great for translating websites as it ensures all programming code is left intact and no tags are broken.


We normally offer a 50% discount on repeated phrases and a 20% discount for 'fuzzy matches' (any matches that are 75-99% similar to the stored translation).