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What is multilingual transcription?

What is Multilingual SEO or SEO translation?

Why do you offer both translation and subtitling?

Do you offer Pro Bono translation?

Do you offer Free (automated) Translation?

Do you use Automated Translation?

Do you use Translation Memory tools?

Do you use native translators?

What’s your recruitment process for translators and subtitlers?

Do you offer certified translations?

What is a certified translation?

Do you charge for the translation of words like ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ and ‘it’?

Why do urgent translations cost more?

Will the translated version be longer or shorter than the original document?

Do you accept draft versions of documents?

What’s the difference between subtitling and multilingual transcription?

How do you calculate the cost of a subtitling project?

What do you need in order to subtitle my video?

How do you select translators for a project?

What are the stages of the subtitling process?

If translation and subtitling are so different, why do you offer both?

What’s the difference between subtitling and translation?

How do you calculate the cost of a translation?

When is my translation project considered and charged as ‘urgent’?

What’s the difference between a translation agency and a translation company?

How should I submit my files for translation?

How long does editing take?

How long does a translation take?

How do I choose a good translation partner?

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