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Cheap subtitling: an expensive mistake?

Posted by Annemieke, August 12 2013

Subtitles should enable a foreign audience to enjoy and understand a film spoken in a different language whilst maintaining the integrity of the script. Of course, the translator might need to take some freedom when translating colloquial phrases, but the subtitler should stick to the intentions of the film maker without trying to add or change meaning.

The translator who subtitled the film Pacific Rim recently was widely considered to have strayed too far from the original script. In addition, the Chinese subtitles were criticised for the quality of their translation with suggestions that they were inaccurate and unprofessional. For example, the translation of the phrase "Elbow Rocket" (a fighting technique associated with the Jaizu of Pacific Rim) into "Pegasus Meteor fist" (a technique belonging to Saint Seiya, a completely different manga) caused considerable annoyance.

Situations such as these seem to occur when the importance of accurate, aesthetically pleasing subtitles is underestimated. This may mean subtitling is not factored into the time and cost budget, resulting in a rushed subtitling process and a set of subtitles of low quality which do not do the original film or the audience justice.

To avoid mistakes such as these, it is important to plan the subtitling cost and timescales into your project from the start as well as making sure the finished titles are proofread by a professional editor. If you would like to discuss your project or find out what we can do for you, please contact us on

  Posted by Annemieke, August 12 2013
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Proofreading copy can save businesses millions of pounds

Posted by Annemieke, July 26 2011

Charles Duncombe, an online entrepreneur, says spelling mistakes are costing the UK millions of pounds in lost revenue for internet businesses. His analysis of website figures shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.

This is hardly surprising, as nearly all online communications and sales rely on the written word. When clients are considering spending money on a website, they are more likely to be wary of spam and phishing scams. In such situations spelling mistakes can make a website appear untrustworthy and can directly affect traffic and sales.

Double your revenue by having your copy proofread

Apart from using a spellchecker and carefully editing and re-checking your documents, it is wise to have your copy checked by a professional proofreader to make sure your texts are not only correct, but also fresh and engaging.

Media Lingo works with qualified linguists with years of experience in proofreading all types of texts. Just give us a call on +31 (0)23 - 2024 723 or send us an email for more information.


  Posted by Annemieke, July 26 2011
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Welsh Translation + Multilingual DTP

Posted by Annemieke, February 11 2011

We recently translated a brochure from English into Welsh for the Researchers in Residence scheme (funded by RCUK with support from the Wellcome Trust). The client also used our multilingual DTP-service.


To find out more about our Multilingual DTP services, please call +31 (0)23 - 2024 723 or email

  Posted by Annemieke, February 11 2011
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