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June 2013

Why to conduct Multilingual SEO before having your website translated

Posted by Annemieke, June 10 2013

One of our clients recently requested that instead of us doing the Multilingual SEO review at the start of the localisation project, he would prefer to do the translation first. That way, he reasoned, we could have the website translated sooner, see initial SEO results sooner and start monitoring the results and fine-tuning the translated copy gradually over the next year.

Whilst we would certainly recommend monitoring the SEO performance after launching your language sites, investing some time at the start of the translation project to create your multilingual SEO strategy is essential. Without a properly localised SEO strategy, money and effort could be wasted on unsuitable content and tactics.

We always undertake keyword research and competitor analysis as part of our Multilingual SEO activities. The outcome of this research is a guide for translators and transcreators when translating a website as it contains the phrases and keywords they need to focus on. Additionally, this research occasionally dictates a site structure that deviates from the main site in order to reflect the target market's demands.

Doing this research not only speeds up the translation process, it also returns faster SEO results and most importantly, long term relevant search traffic.

  Posted by Annemieke, June 10 2013
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