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How to boost foreign sales: Multilingual SEO

Posted by Annemieke, December 13 2012

So you have decided to expand your business abroad, and to start by having your website translated. An understandable strategy and one that will certainly get some results.

However, to future-proof your multilingual site and optimise traffic, you need to consider multilingual SEO. Even before starting on the translation of your website, it is essential to research your target market properly to avoid wasting time on having to re-write your copy later on. Conducting Multilingual SEO research ensures that all your copy and link-building efforts support your sales strategy.

Media Lingo generally takes your existing keywords as a starting point for multilingual SEO research. We then determine the goals and objectives for your foreign language site. We then start our research, taking into consideration the following factors when researching the best keywords for your website:

  • Keyword search volumes for similar, alternative and competing terms
  • Long tail keywords vs short tail keywords
  • Expected conversion rates and ROI for each keyword (particularly relevant when tying in with PPC)
  • Competitor keyword strategy

We can then help you implement the identified keyword in the Multilingual SEO strategy in the following areas:

  • Creating multilingual sitemap and navigation structure
  • Creating multilingual URL structure and anchor text for all pages
  • Meta data optimisation targeting keywords as identified in multilingual SEO research including descriptions, keyword strings and page titles
  • Localising source copy in line with multilingual SEO strategy
  • Localising Alt texts for all images
  • We will ensure that landing pages tie in perfectly with PPC campaigns and Organic search results
  • Localisation of blog posts, press releases and articles
  • Submit your blogs and press releases to the relevant directories and companies in your target market.

Media Lingo will supply the list of keywords with their variants and back-translations for future reference.

  Posted by Annemieke, December 13 2012
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Multilingual SEO & PPC – What you need to know

Posted by Annemieke, October 16 2012

A recent survey suggests that over half of all companies rely on machine or automatic translation to translate their keywords to be used for their PPC campaigns and in their SEO strategy. This is a worrying number, because this strategy is unlikely to get you the results you’re after – if any at all.

Whilst automatically translating your SEO keywords can certainly be a good start to get a feel for search volumes for certain brand terms in foreign languages, it is not a good idea to rely on machine translation to translate your keywords. To give you an example, whilst in English the word Property is a very important keyword for many real estate companies, the direct translation for this word receives little traffic from most other languages.

The trick is to find the best equivalent that correctly translates the services and products you are optimising for, whilst taking into consideration the target market you are aiming at. The best equivalent will also depend on whether you are aiming for “long tail keyword” search traffic or not and what your competitors are optimising for.

Therefore, you need to carry out target market research first and clearly define your goals and objectives within that market. It is important to look at what competitors are offering and optimising for, and to get an overview of the keyword search volumes and ROI for each keyword. Once you know which products or services you want to optimise for, you then need to define the keywords and update your landing pages and onsite copy accordingly. Media Lingo can help you with each of these steps and will ensure you work with a relevant list of keywords that will get you the results you’re after. We can then localise your onsite copy for you as well to really boost your performance abroad.

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  Posted by Annemieke, October 16 2012
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