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July 2011

Proofreading copy can save businesses millions of pounds

Posted by Annemieke, July 26 2011

Charles Duncombe, an online entrepreneur, says spelling mistakes are costing the UK millions of pounds in lost revenue for internet businesses. His analysis of website figures shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.

This is hardly surprising, as nearly all online communications and sales rely on the written word. When clients are considering spending money on a website, they are more likely to be wary of spam and phishing scams. In such situations spelling mistakes can make a website appear untrustworthy and can directly affect traffic and sales.

Double your revenue by having your copy proofread

Apart from using a spellchecker and carefully editing and re-checking your documents, it is wise to have your copy checked by a professional proofreader to make sure your texts are not only correct, but also fresh and engaging.

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  Posted by Annemieke, July 26 2011
  Proofreading, Website Translation