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A new language born in outback Australia

Posted by Annemieke, July 25 2013

A new language has been born in outback Australia. It is called ‘Light Warlpiri’ and is only spoken by a small group of people under 35. The creation of the new language is thought to be linked to the remoteness of the town and is believed to have emerged in the 1970s and 1980s.

This is fantastic news for linguists. When we read in the newspaper about languages that are spoken by few people, in most cases the trend seems to be that languages are dying out. It is exciting to think that new languages are actually being born. The linguist who discovered the linguist is confident that it will survive, saying “Light Warlpiri seems quite robust”.

If you are in need of Light Warlpiri translation though, you may need to wait a while. As far as we are aware, there are no professional Light Warlpiri translators yet. We will keep you posted, of course!

  Posted by Annemieke, July 25 2013
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